5 Tips After the First Date – How To Maintain The Impression

It finally happened – you went on a fantastic, heart-melting, knee-buckling first date. You can’t get the cutie off your mind.

5 Things to Do After a Great First Date

You can’t focus on your work. You can’t stop checking your phone. You also can’t figure out what to do next or if your butterflies are something more substantial. Luckily, we have five tips to offer you that will help you make sense out of that date and decide what to do next, if anything.

Go Over Every Aspect of the Date

As if you haven’t already done this, right? This time, though, when you reminisce, think about how the other person acted. You may have been smitten from the very first second you two locked eyes, but were you the only one who felt that way? It’s easy to get swept up in the moment and assume the other person feels the same way you do, but it’s important to be honest with yourself if you missed some red flags.

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A truly successful date means that both people are on the same page regarding their interest for one another. Did you have something in common? Did you laugh at the same things? Did you have some smart conversations? Did you compliment one another? If you didn’t match up on at least a couple of these things, it’s possible that your connection is more in your head than in reality. While attraction and chemistry can be exciting at first, they’re also fleeting. If you want to meet Christian singles in the hope of starting a substantial, long-term relationship, you need to have a solid basis.

Also, think about why you can’t wait to see them again. Is it because you have so much more to talk about? Or is it because you’re simply physically attracted to them or that you’re just lonely? While you’re assessing their actions and feelings, also think about your own.

Follow Up in Whatever Way You Started Talking

Old school rules say that the guy has to call the girl, but in today’s world, most people are online more than they’re on their phone. Plus, talking on the same platform that you two are used to will make it easier to communicate. If you started dating online and are used to emailing one another, there’s no reason why that has to stop now just because you’ve met in person.

The point of getting in touch with one another is to show that you’re thinking of them and that you enjoyed your time together. The mode of communication doesn’t matter nearly as much as they message you convey. On the same note, if you feel like texting instead of emailing will help move your relationship and communication along, then go for it!

On the same note, if you’ve determined that you’re both equally interested in each other, there’s no need to wait to speak again. While you may not want to send a message an hour after your date ends, there’s nothing wrong with sending it the following day. Whenever you opt to send something along, keep it short and simple. Say “hello,” explain that you enjoyed your time together, drop in an inside joke or reference to the date and then close it up.

Don’t Hesitate to Setup a Second Date

While communicating online or over the phone is great for in between dates, don’t wait too long to setup the next face-to-face meeting. So much more can be said when you’re in front of the other person and can rely on your body language to convey a lot of your message. Nothing is as intimate as true, in-person contact.

Think that you’re talking plenty and don’t want to push another live date? Three great phone conversations are not the same as three great dates. Don’t get so comfortable communicating with them virtually that you forget to meet up with them in real life again. Also, if the other person seems extra hesitant to go on another date, this should be a red flag.

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Additionally, even if you are planning to get together again in a few days, you may still spend a lot of time talking online before then, whether on your Christian singles profile or via email. Try to not reveal too much personal information too quickly. First of all, it can be extra comfortable to talk to someone online, which can make it feel like a safe space to tell them all of your secrets. Second of all, you’ll run out of interesting things to talk about when you’re in person if you overload them with information beforehand!

Plan a Fun Second Date

Your first date could have been one of a million of things: quick meet-up in the afternoon for coffee, cocktails at a bar after work, the traditional dinner and a movie, etc. However, for the second date, since you already know that you like each other enough to get together again, the activity can be better planned.

If you didn’t do it during your first date already, don’t settle for the dinner-and-a-movie date for your second time together. While this sounds fun and like a crowd-pleaser, seeing a movie together means that there will be at least two hours when you can’t talk or even look at each other. Save that date for a while down the road – or at least until date three!

Your second date should give you a lot of opportunity to talk, be close to each other and do something that you both love. Consider having an afternoon date. You’ll have to think outside-the-box since it’s not standard to have martinis and a big meal mid-day. Plus, if the date ends up going really well, you can always extend it into the evening. Great second date ideas include going to a museum, heading to a cool historic district, chartering a sailboat or having a picnic at a botanical garden.

Stay Positive and Fun

Regardless of what happens following the first date, it’s a good idea to stay lighthearted and positive. If the second date isn’t exactly what you were hoping for or it takes a long time to get together again, don’t obsess over it. The two of you are just getting to know each other and there’s no need to rush everything or put extra pressure on one another. If you’re confident in your connection, be patient. If something is there between the two of you, you’ll get together again to explore that.

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No matter how excited you are about your new squeeze, go slower than you think you should. Discussing deeply personal issues and meeting one another’s families early on can put a lot of pressure on a relationship that might otherwise go smoothly. The beginning stages are the ones you should be enjoying the most!