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The DOs and DON’Ts of single dating sites in Australia

Single dating websites are growing in popularity with each passing day, and it’s no wonder considering that the internet is playing a more important role in our lives.

Technology is becoming a lifeline for our modern way of life and seeing as the internet is facilitating a lot more access to the world from the comfort of our very own homes it is more than logical that we let more and more aspects of our lives revolve around it.

There are a lot of reasons for which people go on single dating sites, and the Australian dating sites have available for the general population is no exemption from this fact.

Whether it is to find love, a summer fling, sex or simply someone to talk to when there is nobody else around, these sites come prepared with anything and everything that you would ever need in order to achieve your goals.

There are, however, certain unwritten rules that guarantee success on single dating sites.

That being said, let’s look at what to do and what not to do when dealing with dating sites promotes and offers.

The profile

The profile plays a very significant role regardless of what you are aiming to achieve.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have to understand that a lot of people are visiting these websites for different reasons and some of these reasons are the same page as yours.

That being said, your profile must reflect your personality as it is.

One of the most common mistakes people make when making their online dating profiles is making a profile that is trying to cater to as many potential partners as possible, resulting in either vague or incomplete information about themselves.

In order to have a great profile, make sure that your profile describes you perfectly without missing a single detail.

Make sure that the picture is a casual one, the smile is genuine, it’s not too revealing but not too conservative and that it focuses on you.

The bio must reflect your personality, your likes, and your dislikes, everything about you.

One thing to never do, especially on Australian dating sites is to include your personal information in the profile.

Never post your phone number, email address, physical address or any other private information on your profile, otherwise, you might wake up with some disturbing and creepy surprises.

The selection

Single dating sites are like a massive posting board with many kinds of dating categories such as mature dating, gay dating, lesbian dating and more where people post their messages and/or profiles and then wait for people that might want to contact them.

More often than not you will find yourself browsing different profiles and checking out different people online and it can be very tempting to try and play the numbers game.

Playing the numbers game is a very bad idea and it usually ends up nowhere fast.

Take your time, read as much as you can about the people that you are checking out and don’t use their picture as the sole first impression sorting criteria.

See if the likes and dislikes match with yours, see if you have the same interests or maybe places that you have both visited in the past. Not only will this help you make an idea about the people you are checking out but it can also provide you with something to talk about, which will become very important later on.

The first contact

Sooner or later you will come into contact with people on these single dating websites. Different websites offer different ways in which this can be achieved; however Australian dating sites boasts usually give you the option of either instant messaging or short messaging systems.

With that in mind, you should know right off the bat that there are no rules when it comes to dating.

There is no such thing as waiting for an X amount of days in order to not seem desperate or a pre-defined list of acceptable pick-up lines.

Just be yourself, be funny, relaxed, open to any kind of topic of discussion but try to not be too harsh, odds are that the person on the other side might be as intimidated as you are when it comes to talking to people for the first time.

What not to do on the Australian dating sites is to be rude, creepy or boring.

Avoid subjects such as religion or politics and simply try and have a good time. Smiling while typing tends to help.

Once you are past this first step it’s easy sailing in calm waters.

One last thing to remember here is to never be afraid of rejection. It happens to all of us, the reasons vary and they are usually out of your control anyway so there is no use worrying about it. If this happens simply smile, move on and look forward to the future. You’re not the one losing out here.

Possible red flags

The Australian dating sites have no exempt from the all too familiar online dating problems.

Don’t threat, though, there are a lot of ways in which you can protect yourself from a lot of problems and troubles.


This is basically assuming a different identity and posing as someone else in order to scam people.

Both as a prank and downright fraudulent scam this often happens on dating websites and it is usually the catfish that makes the first move.

In order to avoid such a problem, simply check out the user’s profile and copy the picture that they have as their profile picture. With that picture in hand, go to, select image search, and input that image.

If that person is a catfish you will see where the picture was originally taken from as well as who is the real person in that picture.

Sex offenders

This needs no actual explanation, basically all manner of perverts that want to have a “good time”.

Most websites give you the option to ban / mute / blacklist people and if that is not the case, you can screenshot your conversations and use them to report those people to the website admins.


People that simply can’t take no for an answer and they keep bothering you even though you have explicitly said no to their advances more times that you care to remember.

They are neither rude nor perverted but they are just annoyingly stubborn and it is bordering on harassment.

It’s ok, though, simply ignore / blacklist them or report them for harassment if you can. If not simply ignore their messages and they will eventually go away.

In conclusion

If you follow these simple instructions and you focus on having a good time rather than living up to a certain standard then you are bound to have a great time.

Now go out there and have fun.