One night stands for Gay and Heteros – How to do it

Many people in a club wait for the last call to leave with a person they met that night. It is common for individuals in this age to go to the clubs to score an easy lay. It cuts across all genders and sexual orientations. It is shocking that some ladies will later confess to feeling used. Studies show that out of all women who engage in one night stands, only 54% of them have positive feelings about it after.

Unlike men who process sex physically, females tend to make an emotional connection before they can enjoy the experience. The truth is, one night stands are for people who are less emotionally needy. Gay dating Australia seems to promote the one-night stand trend. Movies make it out to be very easy. It is not. One night stands, just like dating needs to be systematic for success.

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How to score a one night stand

To avoid disappointments after meeting someone in a club or a date, do not assume they will automatically go back home with you. Dating websites help people get people they like. Despite the high success rate, being ideologically compatible does not guarantee a sexual connection. Just because you met on Tinder and organized a date, does not mean the both of you will be willing to go through with the sex part. Women are particularly notorious of loving the conversation but not seeing the relationship go anywhere. The best way to approach a possible one night stand is to put in all possible effort to impress. Gay Dating Australia is most successful at one night stands. Unlike women who encourage it, men tend to drop such a sexual partner the following morning.

So many people have ruined what was an obvious one night stand by trying to rush things. It is funny that human beings need to give their conscious a justification for most of the ‘morally south’ things they do. Just to clarify it, one night stands are not something very common for people who get torn on what is or not moral. A person will come for a first time date with the main agenda of going home with the person, but wants it to be like the first date for people falling in love. Women want to play hard to get, after giving clear indications of their agenda. For you to get lucky, do not rush the date, as much as you are sure of the other person’s needs. Hold a sensible conversation and don’t get too drunk, it is usually a major turn off. There is no point in going home with someone, only for them to blackout.

It is important to know that most women do not orgasm during a one night stand. A survey in the US puts it at only 40% of them. Most men however, only look out for themselves on a one night stand. Once they get off, their partner is no longer considered. Women, on the other hand, focus on giving the other person a good time to impress them. Make sure the night is worthwhile for both of you. Give it the same attention you would give a date, with someone you love.

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People tend to get their freak on or bring their wildest sexual fantasies to a one night stand. The crazy kinky stuff that happens makes shades of grey sound like a kindergarten book. Women are especially more comfortable expressing their desire for pain and chains among other things. Guys will always request a role play on such a casual encounter. People feel that free since they are not obliged to see the person again. As much as you have a bucket list, keep your fantasies controlled. You do not want to sound like a sexual pervert. Such signs will easily scare someone. Most sexual offenders have erotic sexual desires that border physical abuse. Psychologists classify them as pathological tendencies. Just take the fantasies slow.

Just as the name suggest, it is a one night stand so spend the night. Don’t run away after the sexual encounter. It is rude and offensive especially for women who love to cuddle. Arrange for transport, unless you are ready to have the walk of shame on your way to catch the subway. Spending time with the person may lead to some level of feelings. Do not hide your emotions. Liking them does not mean you want to date them. Do not carry the no strings attached attitude. It makes you look like you are trying too much to prove something you are not.

Gay Dating Australia is not very different when it comes to one-night stands or the regular dating. It works out the same as in hetero-dating.

How To Have a Good Gay date.

People forget the most obvious mannerisms when going for dates. Despite meeting your date on Grinder, switch off the app during the date. The continuous pop sound makes you appear less interested. Trying to be-friend dates on social media is a major mistake people make on dates. Avoid such a situation, even if the conversation is not going so well. If the relationship does not work, the confusion of whether to unfriend the person will be worse.

If you are new to gay dating Australia it is important to know most gays are not cool with labels. Whether you think the other guy is nerdy, do not voice it to them. Some of them may state it out ironically. Just act surprised as they may get offended if you agree. Younger gay guys tend to call the older guys daddy. If you are older than they are, take it as a compliment if your date calls you by the name.

There are terminologies used by gay couples when refereeing to sexual encounters. If you refer yourself as a versatile top be ready to take charge of the sex. The other partner needs to be a versatile bottom if the relationship is to work.

Meeting gay guys online is very tricky. The odds of finding a man who is interested in something long-term are very slim. Most of them are into casual sex. Sieving out the most interested men and the jokers is important.

How to know guys who are not interested in dating.
1. They insist on sending you their picture and want you to send yours immediately.
2. Some of them keep complimenting the physical looks and do not pay attention to the personality.
3. If they send you nudes or pictures of their junk, it is time to move on if that is not what you want.


Gays love people who are opinionated as they are full of opinions. On a date, do not pick an issue that will trigger an emotional discussion such as religion or politics. It will kill any possible chemistry or budding romance. Pick simple things like music and movies. You will disagree but still respect each other’s taste.

No one has the instruction manual for gay dating Australia or getting a one night stand. You will have to go out there and try it.

The important thing is to ensure you prioritize your security and manage your expectations