5 Naughty Date Ideas to Help You Bring the Spark

Getting to know someone new is the best part of dating and when you’re looking for someone that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with, you want to ensure that you have a similar set of interests. When you’re spending your time together, your dates should be reflective of what your future could look like together.

If you and your partner are interested in getting to know one another on a more intimate level, then going on some naughty dates may be just the way to get to that level. But if you’re not sure where to begin, you could pose the risk of making someone uncomfortable.

Here are some naughty date ideas, ranging from “safe” straight up to “kinky” that can help you get to know your date on the level you’re hoping for.

1. Sushi

Going for sushi sounds like a pretty standard date, but there is something incredibly sensual about eating sushi. A sushi date can also be a great place to start when you’re still testing the waters to see what your date is interested in.

In order for your sushi date to land anywhere on the spectrum of naughty dating, get adventurous with what you order. Don’t stick to the vegetable rolls and imitation crab wrapped in seaweed. Instead, order something a little on the edgy side. Choose a fish you may have never had or a roll full of ingredients you’ve never heard of.


Sushi can be a great thing to experiment with. With all different kinds of rolls and mixtures, getting adventurous in your meal can help you be more adventurous after dinner. If you don’t know your date very well, seeing how they react to a little adventure at dinner can let you know if you share interests elsewhere.

The act of eating sushi can also be extremely sexual, not to mention some ingredients found in sushi are known aphrodisiacs.

A kinky sushi date doesn’t just need to be for the individuals just getting to know each other. If you’re ready to up your sushi date level a little bit, order your rolls to go. You can take your sushi home and experiment in ways to eat it and new things to eat it off of.

2. Make Out at the Movies

If you’re still getting to know each other, hitting up a movie seems like a perfect date night for any couple. But if you and your date are feeling a little kinky, getting a little sneaky in the back of a movie theater can be thrill-inducing.

There is something very kinky about pretending you’re in high school again. Regardless of how long it’s been since you graduated from your days of getting dropped off on dates by your parents, reverting back to the days when you had to sneak any sexual activity behind your parent’s back can be an instant turn on. If you’re headed to the movies with a plan to get at least a little bit kinky, pick up small role playing parts.

Pick a movie that will be full of adults, so you’ll probably want to select something R-rated, and select a seat all they way in the back. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re about to get frisky in a movie only to find that you’re seated next to a child who won’t stop talking. You’ll also want to avoid any brand new movies that might be crowded. The closer you can get to an empty theater, the more you’ll be able to get away with.

When the lights go dark and everyone is focused on the screen, now is your time to make a move. Everyone will be quietly focusing on the movie ahead of them and in such a silent theater, you’ll need to stay as quiet as possible. The risk of getting caught adds a bit of adrenaline to the situation and you and your date will both leave the movie ready to get home and finish what you started.

3. Take a Sexy Dance Class

Taking a dance class can be a fun and sexy way to get a little closer. Dances like the tango or salsa are known for allowing the dancers to get close and show their sexuality, and while you’re whisking around the dance floor, you’ll get the opportunity to explore one another’s bodies.

Schedule a dance class where the two of you can learn something new. Whether you decide to enter into a classroom full of people or you opt for a private lesson, doing an activity together can help you work together to reach one common goal – a lesson you can take and apply to situations off the dance floor (wink, wink).

The steaminess of getting sweaty together and the feeling of touching each other’s glistening skin will get you in the mood for anything. If the two of you are still new to dating, it can be a glimpse into what is to come and for couples that have already made that next step it can be a reminder of the other activities you enjoy.

Taking a dance class together also gives you an activity to look forward to outside of your traditional interests. Once you’re well rehearsed, you can hit the town for a night of dancing. You’ll know each other’s body movements well, so you can grace across any club dance floor making everyone around you jealous. Better yet, you’ll be setting the mood for a romantic and intimate night at home once you close the club down.

4. Get Steamy at a Drive-In

Depending on where live, you can probably still find a drive-in theater somewhere around you. If you’ve graduated from making out in the back of a movie theater but are still looking for somewhere to sneak in a little friskiness, a drive-in can be just the place to do it.

When you’re at a drive-in, you’re confined to the privacy of your own car. You can allow things to get hot and heavy pretty quickly, and while you don’t need to worry about the person in the row in front of you turning around and catching you in the act, there are still dozens of people around you.



The thought of knowing you’ll be caught if someone happens to walk by and peak in your window can get you and your date going. Knowing that there are probably dozens of other cars all parked within the area also looking for a steamy, sneaky hook up can be another turn on for a kinky couple.

Whether you and your date are just starting to get adventurous together or you’re looking for something to spice things up in a long-term relationship, checking out a drive-in movie could be the thing that you need. When you’re in the privacy of your own car with as many blankets or forms of protection that you need (or don’t need), you can reach and accommodate any level of comfort.

There is a reason that a drive-in movie was the go-to naughty date for previous generations.

5. Get Romantic Outside

There are a number of naughty dates you can do to get a little frisky outside, you’ll just need to consider the space and resources you have available to you. If you’re in a big city, do you have a balcony off your apartment or a roof that you have access to? If you have a backyard, do you have a pool? If you’re out in the country, do you have a romantic spot you can hang out in. If you don’t have many options, consider renting a place for the weekend or even going camping.

Start the date off with a picnic and a bottle of wine. While you chat underneath the stars, you’ll both be able to losing up and get in the mood for a kinky night outside. Once you’ve both let go a little bit, start to ease into it a little bit. If you have a pool, going skinny dipping is a great place to start. If not, even lying under a blanket kissing and exploring each other’s bodies can get you in the mood.

Being outdoors leaves you feeling exposed and for those interested in getting a little naughty on their dates, the risk of getting caught can make everything just a little more exciting. Depending on where you are and how high your risk of actually getting caught is, you can afford to get a little bit wild.

Whether you’re still new to each other or you’ve been dating for months or years, getting to explore your partner in areas that had seemed off limits can make everything feel new and exciting again.

Adding a few naughty dates into our lives can be beneficial for everyone. Whether you’re getting to know someone in a hot, steamy, and intimate way or you just want to spice up a long term relationship, naughty dating has the power to refresh yourself and make the relationship feel like new. Naughty dating adds a bit of spice to your relationship and allows you and your partner to create a close and intimate connection, full of stories and secrets reserved just for the two of you – and whoever you choose to share them with.

Consider what you and your date are comfortable with and work to plan a date around it. While adding a bit of kink to a date here or there can make everyone a little happier and life a little more exciting, you don’t want to run the risk of pushing someone away because you got a little to kinky a little too quickly. Instead, start out slow, explore your boundaries with your date and allow them to determine what they’re comfortable with as well, and work your way up to getting seriously experimental.