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Mature dating, how love conquers age

Something that we have come to expect when talking about dating is that the people involved in these rituals are usually young, from their mid-teens the to late 20s maybe early 30s, and so we are intrigued when we hear about a couple that has gone on a date in their mid-40s or 50s.

Mature dating is something that people might think is new, a result of the growing open-mindedness of the world that we live in, but in fact, it is something older than we could ever imagine.

If we look through history we can often find examples of couples getting married in their late 40s or 50s, long past the age that we have grown accustomed to.

Even to this day, as you sit here reading this, there is a mature couple or a number of mature couples being formed.

How mature dating works

This type of dating is not the same as regular young dating, and it carries with it some specific elements that need to be taken into consideration before heading off.

So let’s say that you are a rather mature person, in your mid-40s, and you are looking to go on a date with a lady or gentleman of the same age range as you.

How do you go about doing this?

The first method that you can try is online mature dating. You could try and find sites that are dedicated to mature dating, but they are horribly inefficient, so you might as well stick with normal dating websites.

Don’t worry, though, the vast majority of dating websites often allow you to filter out the profiles that you can view using a lot of filters and characteristics, age being one of them.

While browsing the profiles of potential partners, though, keep in mind that some people might not be on the same page as you.

This is mostly common in men, but there are a few women out there that do this as well. I am referring to looking for partners that are significantly younger than they are.

It can get disheartening from time to time and it might make you feel indirectly rejected, but then again we all have our preferences and seeing that we are living in a world that grows more and more open-minded, it is ultimately wrong to judge them.

Moving on, let’s say you have your list of profiles, sorted by age and various other characteristics, it is now time to make contact.

Making contact in a mature way

This is where one of the major differences takes place, and it’s actually in favor of mature dating itself.

This is usually the first hurdle that needs to be overcome in young dating, breaking the ice and making a good first impression.

With the mature way of dating, this is not as challenging as it appears to be because of the ages themselves.

You are at a point where you have been through the world, you have seen more than you ever thought you could see, you have had a lot of experiences and a lot of fond memories and as a result of that, you are now not only more confident but also more interesting.

With that in mind, you can afford to be a lot bolder and playful in your opening gambit, and you should take advantage of that.

Start off with either an innocent flirt (innocent at first glance but rather provocative if you think about it long enough) or a funny joke.

Don’t be rude, though. Note that being too direct can often be labeled as being rude, so keep it civil and keep it polite.

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, try and be charming through compliments and subtle remarks that are meant to make the other person feel a bit special.

Exchanging contact information

 Another staple of mature dating is the way in which you exchange contact information.

For example, when it comes to young dating there is a lot of contact information flying around. Facebook profiles, instant messengers, various voice comms and websites, and at the very end the personal phone number or personal email address come into play.

When it comes to mature dating, on the other hand, the main way of communicating, via phone.

One very important thing to note here is to never give a landline number, especially if there are other members of your family or other people in general that live in the same house as you.

On the flip side, be a little wary if you are given a landline number and if you do decide to accept it then expect the person that you receive it from to not always be the one answering the phone.

A mobile phone number is a perfect way to go, and it can be really cheap to get one if you happen to find yourself in that situation.

Final expectations

So what can you expect from mature dating or any possible relationships that can come from it?

It has been scientifically proven that the relationships that we have while we are young tend to end rather abruptly and in disastrous ways while at the same time the relationships that we have when we are older tend to last a lot longer and be a lot more fruitful.

So you have some rather great chances to have a great and long lasting relationship, but there are a couple of catches as well.

The other person might have kids of their own and you will have to earn their trust and affection as well, which is not a particularly hard thing to do especially when they see how much you love their mother / father.

In conclusion

At the end of it all love does not really care about age and if you manage to keep a mature attitude and an open mind at the same time, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

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