Perth dating – All there Is to know about

Everything You Should Know About Perth Dating

If you’ve recently moved to Perth, are here for an extended vacation or have been living here most of your life but want to enter the Perth dating scene, you might be wondering where to begin. There are a lot of options for where and how to meet people in Perth. Whether you’re beginning online or setting foot into a new bar at night, we’ll tell you where to look and how to get started in Perth dating.

For starters, joining an online dating site, like this one, is a great way to begin. Getting to know someone from a distance, like behind a computer screen, is a great way to get comfortable with sharing about yourself and feel confident while doing it. Even if you don’t end up finding that special someone online, chances are that you’ll find a few good friends trying.

If experiencing things first-hand is more of your style is more of your style, then Perth’s nightlife is definitely worth checking out. Of course, like most larger cities, Perth offers a variety of atmospheres for you to enjoy. When looking to meet someone with similar interests, place yourself in a bar or cafe that you feel comfortable and confident in. For example, if keeping it chill and laid back is how you like to roll, then don’t frequent the high-class cocktail bar every Friday night.

Quirky Cafes and Bars

Wolf Lane – Perth Bar

This bar is a quirky, yet classy, gem that resembles a New York City loft and is one of Perth’s best kept secrets. It’s the perfect atmosphere to get to know someone because it is fairly small and provides a unique, cozy atmospheric lounge space. Sit back on a vintage sofa, sip on a craft cocktail in front of urban-exposed brick walls and beneath vaulted ceilings, and hang on as this fairy-tale-like atmosphere transports you to a different type of reality.

This bar caters to many occasions and serves up the best boutique beers, international wines, and crazy good artisan eats for sharing with a group of friends.

Frisk Small Bar

For a bohemian-type small bar, check out Frisk Small Bar. This cozy bar offers a variety of seating from outdoor picnic-style seating to indoor couches and a bar at the front of the restaurant where you can stop in for a quick drink and meet a few friendly faces. This bar prides themselves on their love of gin. So, if you’re a gin connoisseur and you’re hoping to meet someone else who shares your same interest, this is the place to hang out.

Perth dating

Sophisticated Settings

Looking for something or someone with a little more class? Perth offers a variety of elegant eateries and sophisticated settings for you and your special someone to get to know each other while sipping on a fancy cocktail.

<href=”#!restaurant-home/c16gx”>1907 – Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

<href=”#!restaurant-home/c16gx”>One of my absolute favorites is 1907, an underground restaurant and cocktail bar, set in a completely renovated and modernized 100 year-old rag factory, with an eclectic, old-time Hollywood style. This is a great setting to experience a little bit of history and meet some new people.

This restaurant has been the recipient of dozens of awards recently and is putting the goodness back into gardening as they utilize the “Farm to Fork” method and source most of their ingredients from local, family-owned and operated farms. Their olive oil, for example, is cold pressed daily and used that night! It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re looking for a special and unique place to go for your Perth dating excursion, this is an unusually pleasant choice.

Another sophisticated setting to meet up with people in Perth, set foot into the Perth dating scene, or simply to enjoy a night out on the town with friends is Bar Lafayette, a fairly new (Est. 2012), “classic, old world cocktail bar for those with an evolved palate.” They pride themselves on their many “intimate” spaces to relax and unwind.

Sky-High Settings

This next bar is a great meeting place for 20-30 somethings. The Mechanic Institute (Est. in August of 2012) takes you up to the heritage rooftops of Northbridge and out of the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing you to chat in a chill, semi-tranquil sanctuary that is nestled in the heart of the city center. While this restaurant is open during miday, it’s a sight to behold all of the twinkling city lights at night, especially on a warm summer evening.

This is a great place to delve into a bit more of Perth’s rich and complex history. This bar was named after the Mechanics’ Institutes of Perth that were learning establishments for adult education and for working men which became and operated as the original public libraries of Perth back in the 1800s. These spaces became somewhat of an alternative “third place” to men, providing them with something that gambling and pubs couldn’t. Tell that to your date and see how impressed they are!

More Great Ways To Meet

If you’re newly single and ready-to-mingle and want to jump into the Perth dating scene, but you haven’t yet that special someone yet, don’t be afraid to step into a singles bar. Reach out to a friend and inquire where the hot spots are to meet up with other singles. We’re guessing you won’t have to look too far.

Additionally, Meetup Perth offers dozens of unique and fun social events for singles who are looking to ease their way into Perth dating, or perhaps just find camaraderie and companionship with a few like-minded individuals, such as camping, sports leagues, craft beer quests and age-specific groups that you can join.

Get Out and Explore!

Regardless of where you’re going or what you’ve decided to do for your first or next date, the important thing to remember is to simply get out there and start exploring. We’ve recommend a few of Perth’s best places to get you started, but we’re positive you’ll find some gems on your own.