About Totally Dating

No matter which kind of companionship you’re interested in TotallyDating has you covered. TotallyDating revolutionizes the online dating service industry and is designed to make it as quick and painless as possible for YOU to connect with others in your area.

Unlike other services, it takes under 60 seconds to sign up for our service, and once signed up you can immediately begin the process of meeting hundreds of potential matches. Think about it, you can sign up for free and meet new people only five minutes from NOW.

No matter where in Ausralia you are, there are people just waiting to meet you. TotallyDating is part of the WhiteLabelDating network, which means it has access to databases of thousands of other dating sites both in Australia and worldwide. Let us clear this up for you – by signing up with us, you’re getting access to many other online dating databases at the same time!

We started TotallyDating because we were disappointed with the online dating solutions out there today. Other services have their members spend exhausting hours filling out surveys, profiles and questionnaires. This was just the beginning, because once in the system we would start messaging other members hoping to make a connection, which unfortunately, did not happen very often due to the fact that the chance of the person on the other side looking for what we’re interested in are not very high at all.

At TotallyDating, we’ve divided our member base into six different categories:

  1. Singles Dating
  2. Mature Dating
  3. Naughty Dating
  4. Christian Dating
  5. Gay Dating
  6. Lesbian Dating

What this means for our members is that no matter what they’re looking for, they will always be grouped only with people looking for EXACTLY THE SAME THING. This saves both time and energy on irrelevant conversions and efforts.

Online dating in Australia is about to become so much easier than it has been, and that’s why TotallyDating is such a ground break online dating service.

Try online dating with TotallyDating today and find what you’re looking for – guarantee!