7 hot gay bars in Melbourne

for all people no matter their tastes and preferences.

Gay-friendly zones

Australia’s gay-friendly zones guarantee the gay and lesbian couples the comfortable environment to relax and explore their diversity without worrying about discrimination or violence. The first gay or lesbian date can be awkward and having some facilities that encourage conversation can work to your advantage. The gay-friendly zones have lots of coffee shops, gay bars bookshops and movie theaters that can help you to get things going.

Prioritized Safety

Safety is crucial for these couples and you need be aware of the surroundings at all times, ensuring that you look for well-lit areas and avoid the deserted zones. Australia’s cities guarantees safety and security with its many, progressive clubs, parks, and terraces that form the ideal gay and lesbian entertainment hot-spots. Melbourne is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to choosing the best clubs for gay couples. With the wide array of universities and colleges in Melbourne, students are always on the lookout for the best entertainment facilities, especially at night. Since the streets will have lots of people on foot, the city has fewer isolated streets compared to other metropolitan areas. Such nightlife guarantees safety and security for you and your significant other.

Availability of gay and lesbian amenities

There is unlimited access to gay and lesbian amenities in the cities of Australia that provides numerous services such as saunas, lounges, and spas, ensuring that you are not left out. Coffee shops and cafes are plenty, and they are well distributed throughout the city. These public zones are beehives of activities, meaning that they have plenty of things that can spur conversation and help you to break the ice. For newbies and people who are wondering what to do or say on the first date, sharing a cup of coffee can establish a connection and give you the opportunity to know more about each other.

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Melbourne is Australia’s best city for gays and lesbians who want to relish the moment and enjoy a memorable experience. The city has an unlimited array of bars and night clubs that provide safety, entertainment and gay-friendly accommodations, swingers’ parties. For example, the wild underground night parties play different genres of music, causing a collision between hip hop, Rnb, and jazz.

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7 hot gay bars in Melbourne

Melbourne boasts over its most famous gay & lesbian calendar highlight, “The Midsumma Festival.” The city features over 150 events, ranging from wild parties to performance art, which is spun over a full three weeks, and going up to the Gay Pride Parade. The festival takes place from mid-January to the first week of February and it’s a great idea to plan your trip with this festival in mind. Here is a list of some of the hottest gay clubs in Melbourne;

The Greyhound Hotel

The Greyhound is an iconic pub and performance venue in St. Kilda that offers a variety of entertainment five times a week, Bingo au go go dinner, and drinks on Wednesday night.
In particular, the ‘Trivia at the Hound’ on Thursday night, plus steaks, dinner, and drinks at $10 will ensure that you are satisfied. Also, the Friday night Project and the special Boylesque show are absolutely amazing. Saturday night is lit up with Melbourne’s most iconic dancers, veteran performers, and aerialists perform alongside the best DJ’s in live performance shows.

Kaye Sera’s BiZARRE

Kaye Sera’s BiZARRE is a small piano lounge located on 108 St Kilda Rd. This is Melbourne’s most eclectic performance venue that brings new meaning of the word intimate with only 45 seating spaces. The lounge provides a warm and nostalgic atmosphere treating guests to cozy performances. The piano lounge allows you to imagine having a live cabaret in your own lounge.

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The Cairns is a non- specific gay and lesbian bar that holds monthly gay parties, organized by “OUT”. The events include the Velvet Underground and the Salthouse which goes well with lesbian dating Melbourne scene. The lesbian couples love the serene and ambiance of the underground parties that guarantee immense privacy without compromising the security. There are plenty of cab services that connect the Cairns with many go-to gay bars & clubs in South Yarra, St Kilda, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Richmond, giving you plenty of opportunities for club hopping.


Libation is a more sophisticated gay and lesbian venue, with an exquisite lounge for a more subdued night out. Libation is open seven days a week. Libation targets the gays and lesbians, and has become the leading club in this niche, offering the environment that this group prefers. Although it may seem tiny from the outside, it opens up pretty dramatically, and offers a more relaxed social vibe in the end.

Sircuit bar

The sircuit bar provides a feeling reminiscent of many clubs in New York. There are plenty of pool tables and a lounges at different levels, guaranteeing adequate privacy. It offers a consistent roster of themes every night, which means that everyone has a reason to extend their stay. From the leather lads to cowboys, everyone’s tastes are considered.

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The Laird

The Laird is renowned for its interiors, with the furry and leather finishes that look manly. It’s a men only joint located in one of the friendliest parts of Melbourne. On every Thursday, the club offers a strictly leather event that has become extremely popular.

The Peel

The peel is a unique club that suits all types of people due to its strategic location in the city. While it has no special treats for gay couples, it is a cosmopolitan club that opens the door to all regardless of race, culture, or sexual orientation. With the dance hall, bar, and VIP lounge, it is the ideal place to end your date in the wee hours of the morning.

With the bizarre transformations that are taking place in lesbian dating Melbourne has a lot to offer for everybody. Even if you do not know what to expect, the city gives you an opportunity to go berserk and enjoy the ultimate experience.