Do & Don’t while dating Christian

Dating’s tough. It’s even tougher if you don’t share certain values in common with the person whom you date. Let’s face it, though – it’s tough out there, and you might not want to let a few differences in values stop you from pursuing someone who catches your eye. If you’re going to date a Christian, for example, you’ll need to keep some pretty firm “Dos” and “Don’ts” in mind. When it comes to Christian dating Australia is always going to be a hot-spot, so make sure you have these rules memorized before you go out to find a new partner.

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DON’T Assume All Christians are Alike

Christianity is a huge religion. Just over sixty-one percent of all Australians are Christian, and they’re fairly well divided among a number of different sects. This means knowing that someone is a Christian is a bit like knowing where they work – it’s a clue to what they might be like, but definitely not enough to tell you exactly who they are.

Assuming every Christian holds the same beliefs is a fool’s errand. Most (around twenty-five percent) of Christians in Australia are Catholic, for example, but there’s also a fair number of Anglicans and members of the Uniting Church among other denominations. The differences can vary widely, so you can’t assume that things which hold true for one Christian are going to hold true for another. Indeed, you’re going to have to do that most frightening of all dating things for this one – treat every person you date as a unique individual who has his or her own personality and beliefs.

DO Be Willing to Hear About the Faith

Christianity by its nature is an evangelical religion. This means that most Christians believe, in one way or another, that they are supposed to share their faith with others. For most, this means commenting on their beliefs from time to time, or possibly even inviting you to church. This is incredibly normal, and something you’ll have to deal with if you want to date a person of that faith. Don’t be offended if they bring up their beliefs in front of you, and certainly don’t be surprised if you are invited to participate in some of the activities that they love.


In short, you need to understand Christianity is a part of your partner’s life, and as something that they want to share with you. If you can’t deal with that, you probably won’t want to continue dating that person. Always make sure you are comfortable with the idea of the faith and with your partner’s dedication to it before you get too serious, because it’s highly unlikely that they plan on making any major changes later on. You’ve got to decide if you want to deal with Christianity as part of your Christian dating Australia life, even if it’s not part of your own belief system.

DON’T Let Yourself be Pushed Around

You definitely need to be respectful of your partner’s beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be bullied into believing the same things. There’s a fine line between someone who wants to share their faith because they love you and someone who is only interested in converting you, so make sure that your partner is always firmly on the right side of that line. You are entitled to have your own beliefs, and they are entitled to have theirs. If either of you is trying to force the issue, it’s a good sign that the relationship probably isn’t going to work out. Christian dating Australia should be about the dating, not about a battle of faiths.

DO Be Respectful

By the same token, make sure that you are respectful of your partner’s faith. If you aren’t a Christian, it’s very easy to start to poke at the religion for the failings of the people who have been involved with it over the centuries. While this might be a lovely intellectual exercise for you, and even one you might feel strongly about, it’s probably not one that your partner is going to appreciate. If you insist on criticizing Christianity every time you’re together, you aren’t giving your partner enough respect.

Look at the religion as just another passion of your partner. If he or she deeply loves something, it’s probably not your place to criticize that thing. You don’t have to love it or even like it, but you do have to respect that he or she does. If you can’t give your partner’s beliefs a modicum of respect, you should probably look for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with having disagreements with the religion or with your partner, but there’s definitely a

DON’T Mistake Faith for Personality

Finally, make sure you separate the faith and the person when possible. The person you are dating is a Christian – but he or she still has wants and needs, as well as a personality of his or her own. It’s just as unfair to pigeonhole a person’s personality due to their faith as it is to do so due to someone’s ethnicity. Your partner is a real person, and you shouldn’t let your preconceived beliefs about his or her religion get in the way of getting to know the person as he really is.

christian dating australia

Remember, you’re not dealing with a monolithic religion – you’re dealing with a person. He or she may have any number of different beliefs, ranging from those involving politics to his or her favorite football club. These beliefs probably have nothing to do with his or her religion, but they may be just as important to the person as a whole. If you decide that the religion is the only thing that matters, you’ll find yourself missing out on some of the best parts of getting to know him or her. Religion is just one part of your partner’s make-up, and make sure to treat it as such. Christian dating Australia will likely be very similar to dating a person of any other faith.

Christian dating Australia is a very common experience. If you remember that every Christian is different, you’ll be on your way to having a successful relationship. As long as you are respectful of your partner’s beliefs as well as your own, you’ll probably find the religion incidental to your relationship. Remember, there are many things that make up a person’s personality – so treat Christianity as one of those facets, and take your time discovering all of the other things that may define your partner as his or her own person.