6 Steps to Improve Your Dating Profile and Meet the Love of Your Life

A strong dating profile is what separates us into two groups – the ones who find love and the ones that don’t. When using a lesbian matchmaking service, it isn’t enough to simply put up a few pictures, give the most basic details of your life, and expect the dating requests to come flying in. When your dating profile is the first glimpse of what is to come in the relationship, you want to show that you are serious.

Improving your profile shouldn’t be difficult, but it can sometimes be confusing. When you don’t know what information to share, what your potential matches could be looking for, or what your best qualities are, your dating profile can seem bare and uncared for. When sections are left blank, it can appear like you aren’t serious about finding the love of your life.

If you need help improving your lesbian matchmaking service profile, here are a few steps you should take.

1. Fill Out the Details

When you’re filling out your profile, it can be easy to skip over parts. You may not think they’re important or you be unsure what information to put. But it is important that you have a completely full profile if you’re serious about meeting new people.

When you include all the details about you, like your favorite things or the quirks that make you unique, you have a better chance of connecting with someone and ensuring that person is the right one. If you leave areas blank, those viewing your profile will not know what you have in common, allowing them to pass you by without knowing what a good match you could have been.

Think of something to include for each section of your profile. Even if it is a short burst of information, a little bit of extra support can go a long way. A more complete profile also proves that you are serious about your place on the site and you’re ready to meet someone new.

2. Don’t Get Too Personal

While you want to share as much information about you as you can, you don’t want to go overboard. If you just got out of a bad relationship, your lesbian matchmaking service profile probably isn’t the place you should vent the details.

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Your profile is a place to allow someone to make a connection with you, but if you include nformation that could potential lay the foundation for building a wall, you could risk scaring someone away. Instead, keep the personal details of your life to yourself and save them for a while down the road. If they’re important things that you want someone to know, allow a connection to be made before you hit them with the heavy details of your life.

Give just enough information that your potential dates will want to get to know you better, but keep some stories to yourself. A little mystery can go along way when out on a date and give you lots of things to talk about and discuss.

3. Make a First Impression

When creating your dating profile, your first line is like your first impression. It is the first thing someone will come into contact with when they reach your page and will be the determining factor on if they keep reading or not.

In this first line, it is important to be yourself. While certain phrases, questions, or stories will get you more attention, it might not be the right attention. Using a dating service isn’t about seeing how many dates you can go on, it’s about attracting the attention of the right kind of people.

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Say something in your opening line that you believe will attract the kind of person that you want to spend your life with. Remember, if you don’t get the attention you’re looking for, you can always change it.

4. Be Confident

There is a fine line between being confident and being cocky, and the line becomes even thinner when you are only dealing with a written profile of yourself. Find a strong middle grown between bragging about your accomplishments and feeling sorry for yourself.

Being confident will always make someone more attractive. When those you interact with through a lesbian matchmaking service can sense that you are proud of who you are, they will be drawn to get to know you more.

5. Be Yourself

When you’re filling out your profile, don’t pretend to be someone else. Eventually, you’ll need to let the gig go and show who you truly are, so you don’t want to waste time or energy pretending to be someone that you’re not.

If you’re pretending to be someone you believe the other person wants you to be, you’re both only going to end up disappointed and angry. Continuing a charade means that a true connection cannot be established, entirely defeating the purpose of being on a lesbian matchmaking site in the first place.

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Stick to who you are and don’t try to change yourself to fit the needs of someone else. When you’re looking for a potential partner, you want someone who is going to fall for you – the real you. So be sure to always give them just that.

6. Spell Check

Read through your profile for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Even the smallest misspelling or details can throw off your appearance to someone else. Show that you care about your profile by given it a few proof reads, don’t just slap on some information and hope for the best.

When creating your profile, you’ll also want to stay away from abbreviations. Spell out the word completely and entirely avoid using text-lingo words. While these may be find in a text, they don’t usually make for a great first impression, especially for someone serious about meeting someone special.

When using a lesbian matchmaking service, your dating profile is the first thing someone will see. Through the information you put on your profile, they will make a judgment about if you are the kind of person that they want to get to know better. If you’re not making your profile as strong as it can be and including all the details that someone would need to make an accurate opinion of you, you’re probably missing out on dates with people who could be really great for you.

To get serious about your dating profile, apply these six tips to the information you’ve included. Be sure that your profile is strong, entirely filled out with accurate information, and that you feel like it is a strong representation of yourself. Get help from friends and family, have someone else proof read, and double check that all the information is there.

When you have a strong dating profile, you’ll be surprised at the number of strong connections you can make. Improve your profile and soon you’ll see yourself among those who found the love of their life online.