Emo Dating – Tips and Tricks to Present Your Best Self

Emo subculture became one of the biggest trends among teenagers in early 2000s. It is still very influential around the world. If you are one of those emo people who are looking to find their significant other, you need to prepare well for the first date. Here are a few tips on how to present yourself in the best possible manner in emo dating.

Emphasize Your Personality over the Looks

The name of this movement comes from “emotional hardcore”, a music genre born in the United States in 1980s. The whole point of this movement is getting in touch with your emotional side. Emo people always put personality over the looks! Perhaps the best advice we can give you is to be completely honest.

So, in order to show your best self in emo dating, you need to be honest about the things you love. If it’s your first date, you might want to keep the atmosphere light. With that in mind, it would be wise to talk about music you like. Talking about your favorite songs can be a great conversation opener. It can lead to all sorts of other subjects, allowing the two of you to get to know each other.

Apart from music talk, a good advice is to chat about your favorite movies and TV series. Talking about your favorite books can also show your date what kind of person you are. This is a great way to reveal to your potential lover who you really are.



Don’t Just Talk, Listen as Well!

You need to be very careful not to spend too much time talking about yourself. If you do that, you risk appearing arrogant and selfish, which in emo subculture is not desirable. Instead of only talking about your likes and dislikes, you should let your date talk about them. Knowing how to listen to other people is a certain way to show you’re a good person.

Listening is not good only as a way of showing a virtue to your date; it is also great as it allows you to interpret his/her subconscious messages. The difference between listening and hearing is that listening involves interpreting messages. If you listen carefully, you will be able to realize if the person is the right soul mate candidate. On top of that, listening also allows you to learn if your date likes you.

Be a Rebel – Forget About a Conventional Date

The emo movement was born from punk subculture. In its core, punk is a revolutionary movement. It’s all about breaking taboos and pushing the limits. The same case is with emo subculture. The movement’s point is doing things that are not traditional. To present your best self, you should be a rebel and provide your date with an adventure.

Don’t be a square! Make sure to provide your potential life partner with a thrilling first date that he/she will remember for the rest of their life. Instead of dressing up and going to fancy restaurants, it might be better to do something “out of the box”. In fact, some relationship experts suggest that doing something a little bad might bring couples closer together.

Still, this suggestion doesn’t mean you should break the law, but something that is naughty can help make a connection between the two of you. Skinny dipping might seem as a good idea for more adventurous souls, but if that’s too much for you, there are other suggestions. Think about renting a car and surprising your date with a road trip. You could also volunteer together, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not ordinary!